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Botox For Frown Lines

Why so serious? Have you ever had a family member or friend ask “are you upset” or “what is wrong? You look angry”. These questions can get beyond annoying over time. Having these frown lines can give patients an angry or negative appearance.   This is why the commonest treatment is muscle relaxing injections with… Read more »

Can Your Dentist Provide Botox and Fillers?

Go to an expert who is reputable with experience in the treatments that you are seeking. Don’t go to someone’s house or go on pricing or what’s discounted. At the end of the day these are long term things which people are getting, and it always scares me that people are so willing to… Read more »

Why Would You Inject Your Own Face?

Why are there still consumers out there who go to absolutely anyone who is advertising? It can’t be just to save money. There has to be another reason, because this is your face, you only get one of them. Treat it with respect, don’t sacrifice it to save a bit of money. The risks… Read more »

Read This Before Having Botox or Fillers

Should We Be Regulated? In the U.K. activists and industry professionals are lobbying for greater regulation. They feel these restrictions need to be tightened to protect patients from botched injections.  I wholeheartedly agree with this, there does need to be better regulation in the industry.  However I do feel the obligation comes down to… Read more »

Profhilo Your Injectable Moisturiser

Award Winning Skin Treatment Profhilo is an Award Winning skin bio remodelling treatment, which acts as a beneath the skin injectable moisturiser.  It has been proven to give you visible results in just two visits. It has been found to be the quickest and most effective cosmetic fixes rivaling dermal fillers..  My patients have found… Read more »

Vitamin E For The Skin

Vitamin E for Healthy Looking Skin Vitamin E s a fat-soluble antioxidant that is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin.  We are exposed to oxidative stresses from sunlight, air pollution, foods and drinks we consume like alcohol, cigarette smoking, sugar consumption.  The free radicals which are produced contribute to premature ageing and damage to… Read more »

Tips Before Investing In Your Retinol Products

1/ Make sure the packaging is Opaque Retinol is so delicate that it deactivates really quickly if the formula inside the bottle is exposed to light or excessive heat.  Watch out for clear bottles with no box, as the retinol has most likely been rendered inactive. Don’t leave your products to overheat in the car… Read more »

Vitamin C For The Skin

The Benefits of Vitamin C Vitamin C is one of the most important products for the skin.  Common complexion concerns like uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars, general dullness and pigmentation can all be improved with a healthy dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C and collagen work together! Vitamin C is… Read more »

Vitamin A For The Skin

The Secret To Brighter And fresher Looking Skin Vitamin A and Retinol is my number one recommendation for women over the age of 30.  A lot of my patients seek my advice on what the best moisturiser is to use. The truth behind whether a topical product works or not comes down to the… Read more »

Can I Have A Facial After Botox?

WHAT IS BOTOX? Botox helps to temporarily relax your muscles on the face responsible for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the face a softer, rested and more refreshed appearance, without reducing your ability to produce a natural range of facial expressions. HOW DOES IT WORK?   The treatment will involve Komal… Read more »