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Can I Fly After Botox?

Can You Fly After Botox And Filler Treatment? The precautions to take after having Botox and Filler treatment has possibly been misrepresented, and in this post I hope to shed some light on these mistruths. The misconception around Botox and Flying Being unable to fly following Botox treatment was thought to be due to… Read more »

Can You Drink After Botox?

A very common question I get from patients is can I have a drink before or after my Botox. There are three main issues to consider. Firstly alcohol is responsible for thinning the blood, this will increase the likelihood of you receiving a bruise around the site of injection. Following your botox or filler… Read more »

Can You Exercise After Botox?

A very common question I get from patients is how soon they can exercise after Botox. The concern is that it will have a negative impact on their treatment. There are two main issues to consider. The first is that when we exercise it will increase our blood flow.  When the blood flow increases… Read more »

You Are Suitable For Botox And Fillers If…

The patients I care for tend to fall into two main categories. The majority of patients I help are those who want to restore something they have lost.  They may look in the mirror, and be met with someone who doesn’t quite match up to the person they identify with or remember.  Sometimes our perceptions… Read more »

Your Consultation

Your Health and Wellness is in our hands That first impression, right or wrong, is difficult to reverse or undo.   It is human nature to judge people the first time we meet them. We do it whether we realise it or not. This is why first impressions are so important in every aspect of… Read more »