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At AVID, we offer a range of fantastic beauty treatments from our clinic in West Wickham.

We source the best beauty products to ensure every customer enjoys a memorable pampering experience. A world away from the hectic rush of modern life, a trip to Avid Beauty will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

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Jane Iredale Makeup - West Wickham

This make-up is based on a sophisticated blend of pure minerals and pigments.

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Skin Booster West Wickham

Award winning Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument (CACI) providing the best non surgical face lift available.

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A world leader in marine face and body care using the riches of the oceans to extract vital ingredients.

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Makeup Artist - West Wickham

A sophisticated blend of pure minerals and pigments. The Jane Iredale range is anti-inflammatory, has an SPF and is preservative free.

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Laser Hair Removal - West Wickham

IPL flash out unwanted body or facial hairs in seconds by destroying the hair at the root, resulting in long term hair reduction.

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A woman getting a professional facial treatment for problem skin on her face

A range of products using high concentrations of absorbable fresh vitamins A, C, E and Beta-Carotene to regenerate, re-hydrate and repair the skin.

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“I have been coming to Avid for many years and have recommended them to my friends and family. They provide an excellent service and my problems have got a lot better. The beauty treatments are also amazing and people comment on my age. They think I look a lot younger than I am!”

Pauline Andrews

“Amazing service and amazing staff. They have made me smile again and feel at ease. Highly recommend!”

Holly-May Clark

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