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When you first step through our doors, you will find our team at AVID Dental waiting to provide you and your family with the finest experience in dentistry. We work with you individually to tailor our services to best suit your needs. The treatments offered by AVID Dental are designed to provide a holistic approach helping us detect problems and control disease, making it easier for you to maintain and protect your healthy smile. We can’t wait to welcome your family into ours.

What Are General Dental Treatments?

Treatments include your regular examinations, hygiene therapy, tooth coloured fillings, crowns and bridges and root canal therapy to help save badly infected teeth. Any restorations you may have, including fillings, crowns and bridges, will be carefully assessed during your regular examinations. All restorations need replacing periodically as they can begin to deteriorate and will no longer provide optimal protection for your teeth. If you need dentures, we will provide well-fitting and natural looking teeth, restoring your ability to eat in comfort and to smile with confidence.

Protecting Your Dental Health and Your General Health

With good general dental care, combined with a good oral care routine at home, you are more likely to enjoy your natural teeth for life. Additionally, good dental health will help to protect your general health, as many common health problems have been linked to poor oral health.

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Dental Care - West Wickham

Our focus is on providing the very best preventative dental care which comprises of oral hygiene care appointments, education, motivation and dietary advice.

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Oral Hygienist - West Wickham

Possibly the most important service we offer. We all know prevention is better than cure and that is why this is at the core of all our treatments. Although gum disease is incredibly common, the early symptoms are easily ignored. This condition can lead to bleeding gums, bad breath, wobbly teeth and even tooth loss and without prompt treatment, it can also affect your general health.

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Dental Fillings - West Wickham

The most common reason for a filling is tooth decay leading to a hole in the tooth. Fillings are an excellent and relatively non-invasive way to protect teeth.

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Root Canal Treatment - West Wickham

Root canal treatment needs to be feared no more! At AVID Dental we use the latest equipment to allow this procedure to be pain free and effective, helping to save your tooth.

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Dental Crowns - West Wickham

Cracked and heavily filled teeth can be transformed back to strength and function with this procedure. We have full ceramic and porcelain crowns so no more unsightly black lines around the tooth ensuring it looks completely natural.

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Tooth Whitening - West Wickham

Love drinking coffee, red wine and green tea? This can leave your teeth looking a little less attractive. Our Enlighten tooth whitening system are a safe and highly effective way to brighten your smile.

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Orthodontics - West Wickham

Coming soon…

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Dental Implants - West Wickham

Coming soon…

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed my treatments with Avid Clinic. They are very professional and prompt on time.”

Michelle Breytenbach

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