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At AVID Healthcare you can benefit from the best of both Osteopathy and Chiropractic. This is made possible by Trishul Vadi (BOst, MChiro, MCO, MMCA, LRCC, PG Cert HE), who is both a registered Osteopath and a registered Chiropractor, making him just one of three practitioners in the UK legally allowed to practice both professions.

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Osteopath - West Wickham

A system of complementary medicine which involves the treatment of medical disorders by using manipulation of joints, muscles and organs.

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Chiropractor - West Wickham

A system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of poorly functioning joints, especially those in the spinal column, which can cause other disorders by interfering with the nerves, muscles, and organs.

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Massage Therapy - West Wickham

Prescriptive massage works hand in hand with Osteopathy and Chiropractic to take increase the function and wellbeing of a patient.

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"...helped realign my spinal column and strengthen the muscles around my knee. The difference in my stature and the strength in the muscles around my knees was quickly noticeable."

Maggie Getfield

“Avid is a great place to come for adjustments. The people are friendly and really make you feel welcome and like part of the family. I would definitely recommend coming to Avid!”

Dhuran Modha

“Words can not explain how good the AVID Clinic have helped me with my lower back pain. From a friendly smile at reception to a cheerful hello from Trishul highly recommendable!”

Paul Hooper

“Good work done for my back. Great people looking after me.”

Doru Merauta

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my treatments with Avid Clinic. They are very professional and prompt on time.”

Michelle Breytenbach

“Fixed my back after 12 years of manual labour and an extremely welcoming community”

Lee Millward

“Wonderful has helped my shoulder so much, so thank you.”

Carol Rogers

"...my experience has gone from excellent to outstanding and the overall service from the welcoming with herbal teas to the actual treatment and after-care is absolutely second to none..."

Francis Thomson

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