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Botox Brow Lift

A Botox brow lift is a procedure where we can give you a temporary lift of your eyebrows through strategic use of muscle relaxants.

Botox as you may already know works really well to relax muscles allowing the overlying skin to resist creasing or wrinkling.  

If Botox is delivered at specific points with tailor made doses, it can be manipulated to help the eyebrow arch float upwards, opening up the eye area and freshening the overall look.  

There are muscles within the frown and around the eyebrow which are responsible for depressing the brow and pulling them inwards and downwards.  If you frown and look in the mirror, you can see how the brow comes down in the inner part. When you relax those muscles, the front half of the brow stays lifted.

The outer portion of the eyebrow is brought inwards by the circular muscle around the eye.  This muscle is responsible for creating smile lines which typically are seen at the corners of the eyes, and on occasion can spread down to the upper cheek.  When this muscle is relaxed at specific points it will not only help to relax these lines but also cause a physical lift of the outer brow, opening up the eye area.

Results will be seen for as long as the toxin remains active, usually between three and four months
Botox brow lifts are an art, and you need to seek out an expert.  We will be looking very carefully at your brow position and try and determine where to place your brow arch.  If the Botox is placed incorrectly, it can actually flatten the brow arch, and could even lead to a droopy eyelid.  Choosing an experienced qualified practitioner is a must.

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