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Can I Have A Facial After Botox?

WHAT IS BOTOX? Botox helps to temporarily relax your muscles on the face responsible for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the face a softer, rested and more refreshed appearance, without reducing your ability to produce a natural range of facial expressions.

HOW DOES IT WORK?   The treatment will involve Komal painlessly inserting the Botox® using tiny needles into specific facial muscles. This temporarily relaxes the muscle which in turn creates a smoother appearance of the overlying skin resulting in softening of the wrinkles and revealing a fresher and more rested appearance.  The untreated muscles move as normal; thus preserving normal facial expressions.

WILL IT HURT?  Not at all. Dr Komal Vadi is extremely gentle and will talk you through what to expect step by step.  No anaesthetic is needed, only a mild temporary discomfort may be experienced.

IS THERE ANY DOWNTIME?  While there is no real downtime or side effects associated with this treatment, it is important to note that you may encounter some slight bruising and swelling directly after treatment, due to the needle. This can easily be masked by makeup after 24 hours.

You can carry on with your day as normal, although we advise that you avoid strenuous activity; saunas or other facial treatments for up to 24 hours.

WILL IT SPREAD? Botox stays only where injected, it does not roam through the body. However if the product is watered down and over- diluted, the concentration of the active product will be reduced and the risk of the product spreading will be higher. Studies have reported migration up to 3 cm from where it is injected.  So aftercare will include not touching or manipulating the area, to reduce the product spreading and affecting an adjacent muscle.

For this reason, we do advise no facial, massages or any treatments which will involve unwanted pressure around the injected points.

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