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Can I Have Botox And Fillers Whilst I am Pregnant?

Can I Have Botox And Fillers Whilst I am Pregnant?

Botox treatments are safe, effective and because treatment satisfaction is always very high, many women want to continue with their great results whilst pregnant.  There have been no clinical studies to ascertain whether treatments with these products are safe for the baby, making this a controversial topic. There have been cases of women having treatment whilst pregnant unknowingly, which have not led to any harm to the mother or baby.  However, since there have been no clinical studies carried out in pregnant women to determine if it is safe for the baby, it is recommended to wait until after the pregnancy and after breastfeeding. 

Filler Use in Pregnancy

The safety of using fillers is unknown and there have not been any clinical studies to test their safety profile in pregnant women. Fillers tend to stay very close to the point of injection and are very unlikely to enter the blood stream so it is found to be of low risk by most practitioners.  However there are no long term large scale studies to show how these products will affect the growing foetus, so for this reason, treatment is still postponed until after the birth and after breastfeeding. 

Although late-onset risks are very rare following Botox and Fillers, some of the management of these complications can cause unwanted stress to the mother, which may not be ideal during the pregnancy.  Also addressing a potential complication may involve taking antibiotics or dissolving of the product where fillers are involved. We may be restricted to how we can manage a potential complication, as the treatment will involve medication and solutions which could potentially be harmful for the baby.

It’s not all bad

During your pregnancy there are still treatments which can be provided to help keep your skin looking firm, smooth and radiant looking.  Speak with your aesthetics Practitioner, for the best treatment which will help maintain your skin.

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