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Can You Drink After Botox?

A very common question I get from patients is can I have a drink before or after my Botox. 

There are three main issues to consider.

Firstly alcohol is responsible for thinning the blood, this will increase the likelihood of you receiving a bruise around the site of injection.

Following your botox or filler treatment we really want any bruising to be kept to an absolute minimum, and when my patients, especially those who have a tendency to bruise more easily, when they follow this request, bruising, if it does occur, is kept to an absolute minimum, allowing you to enjoy the results instead of worrying about when the bruising will begin to subside.

Secondly it is recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol after receiving Botox or filler injections until you know how the treatment is going to affect you.  One of the potential side effects of Botox is dizziness and drowsiness. These side effects are exacerbated when alcohol is consumed.

Once you’ve determined how you react to Botox and fillers and the results are positive, you may consume alcohol. Drinking alcohol will not affect the results, and you can enjoy alcohol as you normally would, though moderate consumption is always recommended from a health standpoint.

Alcohol consumption will result in the widening of your blood vessels, which can cause swelling.

Therefore, in order to ensure you can begin enjoying the fantastic results as soon as possible, and with minimal bruising, we would most definitely advise that you do not consume alcohol in the lead up to your botox treatment – or at least 24 hours after having any treatment. 

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