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Can Your Dentist Provide Botox and Fillers?

Go to an expert who is reputable with experience in the treatments that you are seeking. Don’t go to someone’s house or go on pricing or what’s discounted.

At the end of the day these are long term things which people are getting, and it always scares me that people are so willing to let anyone with any level of training, put needles into their critical structures of their face. This really frightens me when people don’t do their homework and research when investing in their faces.

Also knowing what they are being injected with? I have patients who will come to see me and they have lumps in their lips or their under eye area is really puffy, and I ask them, ‘which product was used, how much did you have, how long ago was it?’- and they don’t know a lot of these answers.

This of course would help me a lot to know what was injected, where it was injected, how much. They don’t even know where the filler was ordered from.

The more educated people, the ones who’ve actually studied the anatomy from bone through the soft tissues all the way through the skin, are actually the ones who are the most cautious, because we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

Whomever you choose, make sure your provider has a proven background in cosmetic medicine as well as training and substantial experience performing filler injections.

There are so many amazing injectors. However for every great and reputable injector there is going to be fifty dodgy ones. Go somewhere which has been recommended, has really great reviews – obviously I would love for you to come and see us, but make sure you go somewhere they are going to take really great care for you.

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