COVID-19 and Toothbrush Tips

🦷 Given the current worldwide situation, great personal hygiene has never been more important

👅Here are some useful tips you can use to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus when it comes to your oral care

👌Never share your toothbrush

No matter if you are related or how close you are to the people you live with, never share your toothbrush with anyone else.

👌 Store the toothbrush in your bathroom cabinet and away from your toilet bowl

👌Always close the toilet lid before flushing

👌 Make sure the toothbrush is dry in-between uses to reduce proliferation of bacteria and mould build up

👌 Clean the toothbrush after use of all the toothpaste and any residual food debris

👌Change your tooth brush regularly, and especially if you have had a bacterial/viral/fungal infection

👩‍⚕️ Take your tooth brush in with you to your dental appointment and your dentist can guide and advise you on the best tooth brush to use for your teeth and whether yours needs changing

🙌 Pop any tooth related questions in the comments below or PM me and I would be more than happy to answer your question