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Does A Higher SPF Protect YOU?

👀 A common question I get asked in my clinic is what sun cream or SPF should I be wearing

🧴 There are many misconceptions about sun cream, so I will share my thoughts on product recommendation and what you can do to ensure your skin stays healthy and protected

🧐 I find when it comes to sunscreen, the general narrative is – the higher the SPF factor the more protected you will be

☀️ The reality is that higher SPFs offer minimal added protection and have a higher concentration of chemicals which are absorbed into our bloodstream

😒 A worrying thought, especially if from a young age we are applying these high factor chemicals onto our children’s skin, which is toxifying their bloodstream and causing systemic effects

👌 The perfect SPF should be:

1. Suitable for both your face and body

2. Suitable to apply to a 6month old baby

3. Have sun filters and sun reflectants

4. Have natural antioxidants and vitamins

5. Offer maximum sun protection, enabling you to absorb the wanted energy from the sun whilst protecting you against free radical damage

🤓 Want to find out more – In this video you will learn the truth about SPFs, why we need to be using them and why a higher SPF is not always better

📧 Book a consultation with me if you would like some help determining if your sun cream is the best for your skin

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