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Does Botox Hurt?

Being a dentist I often have patients who are nervous about having treatment because they are scared and fearful of the needle.  This anxiety is actually quite common, and we help patients with both a general worry about the needle and also those who have a genuine phobia to needles.

Treatment with Botox and Fillers, will often evoke the same anxiety and nervousness.  My patients are concerned that the treatment will hurt, and it is sometimes the only factor which is preventing them seeking treatment.

We put you at ease before any injecting

You will first be given a face to face consultation with an experienced practitioner.  If you are not encouraged or booked in for a consultation prior to having any treatment, this will be a good time to look for another practitioner.

This consultation is the most important part of your treatment journey.  It is an opportunity for your practitioner to listen to your concerns, and understanding, through your eyes, your perspective, how they can help to strengthen your happiness.  This insight will provide us with the opportunity to offer you the most successful treatments, perfecting your desired results.

Once a treatment plan has been explained and confirmed, a second appointment will be made to provide the treatment.   Your practitioner should be providing you with time to consider your decision and whether or not you wish to proceed.  If your practitioner is reaching for the needle, take it as a warning sign of their irresponsibility and find a new practitioner.

Your treatment

We aim to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.  The planned treatment will be explained and if you prefer, we can apply topical anaesthetic to the treatment area if required.  Most patients are completely comfortable without, however, it is always available should it bve required.

The treatment area is mapped out, so the specific injection points are highlighted.  We are careful to avoid any major blood vessels, and we take extra care to mark out any areas where there are veins.  We do this by tilting the head back so the blood will be distributed to the head, making it easier to visualise the veins, helping to provide painless injections and also reduce the risk of bruising.

Steady Hands

Stability and control of the needle is just as important to help minimise any trauma and any pain.  Being an expert at providing painless injections in the mouth, it is second nature to provide this for the face too.  Also, when treating dental patients, Procedures will require good coordination and a steady hand. Having good fine motor skills and being able to manipulate tools accurately in a small space can make the job easier.

Comfort is in the superior products used

The product is diluted using bacteriostatic saline, and the reason this is used is to increase patient comfort.  Normal saline can cause a bit of a sting when injected, so ask your practitioner to use the former. 

The needles used are tiny to make it as comfortable as possible.  There is no stinging or warm sensation when the solution is injected – the procedure is painless.

Afterwards, we press gauze on the injection sites to reduce any bleeding and help to prevent bruising.

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