Following the updates last night we are about to go into another 4 week national lockdown 🔐

BUT we have some AMAZING NEWS 🤩We will remain OPEN 🥳🤗

🌟We’re classed as ‘ESSENTIAL WORKERS’. This means our work takes pressure off the NHS which will mean you still have access to us.

➡️ The government announcement has encouraged people to continue to access their healthcare

However prescriptive 💆‍♂️ massage therapy looks as though it will be paused.

We are awaiting clarification about this within our centre. 😟 We will confirm ASAP, and if this needs to be rescheduled you will be contacted.

For Aesthetics 👄 and Beauty 😘 Guests we will be contacting you directly if your visit needs to be rearranged.

😊 During the first lockdown government legislation allowed us to stay open. However we initially closed as our professional associations needed to develop protocols and procedures for the professions.

After the last few months we are very well versed in our strict risk assessments, PPE and hygiene procedures 😷

We will continue to provide a safe environment for you to visit by following the strict guidelines as we have throughout 🙌

If you’re shielding or in quarantine and unable to visit us, we’ll be happy to give you support over the phone 📱 👩‍💻

Just call our fantastic team and arrange your virtual appointment 😊.

We hate to think you were struggling/suffering in silence 🤫

We are here to safely serve you and our community 🥰

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU and we look forward to seeing you soon!

💙 Looking forward to seeing you soon 💙

– Team AVID