Why Would You Inject Your Own Face?

Why are there still consumers out there who go to absolutely anyone who is advertising? It can’t be just to save money. There has to be another reason, because this is your face, you only get one of them. Treat it with respect, don’t sacrifice it to save a bit of money.


The risks of a badly done job can hardly be overstated. And i’m not talking just about the serious risks. Risks including tissue death, blindness. I’m talking about the result of the procedure. Do you want people to say, oh it looks like you have had your lips done, vs you look great, have you just got back from holiday?

Unfortunately there’s not enough guidelines or regulations around this industry so you can pick up filler over the internet, and unfortunately you will have unscrupulous people who will use these products on vulnerable yet smart patients. I have been on a lot of courses where they highlight counterfeit products and the harm they can do.

They are too risky to try on yourself or on a friend. Multiple you tube videos will not be enough to allow you to safely start injecting on yourself.

When selecting a provider for injectable treatments, give your decision the same level of care and scrutiny that you would for a surgical procedure. Non-surgical filler treatment is still a medical procedure that requires specific training, knowledge and skill to ensure safe treatment and natural-looking results. Choose a provider with an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, a well-developed aesthetic eye, and a the skill and precision required.