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How To Treat Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are one of the most common concerns my patients have about their skin. There are a range of treatments available to help achieve smooth, tight skin on your forehead. But with many injectable options available and various types of facials promising radiant skin, how do you know which treatment option is best for you?

Why do we get forehead lines?

There are many factors that can cause forehead wrinkles, ranging from use of various muscles in your face to a loss in skin elasticity that comes with age.  

The major cause for forehead wrinkles appear when a face is very dynamically expressive due to the activity of the frontalis muscle.  Also when eyelids have begun to droop this may be compensated by raising the eyebrows, drawing lines onto their forehead.

Over time, excess motion, gravity and skin laxity will cause fine lines and wrinkles to form.

How can forehead lines be treated with Botox?

Botox is one of the best ways to help soften forehead lines.  Botox reduces the activity of the muscle so the overlying skin is prevented from creasing or wrinkling.

We will often see patients who are just starting to develop the wrinkles on their forehead, and Botox is great as a preventative treatment to reduce lines being etched into the skin, which are more challenging to treat. 

If you are someone who is facially expressive and prone to getting lines, then consider exploring a preventative Botox treatment. The later you start the more difficult it is to achieve the ideal results.

Can the forehead lines be treated without treating the frown lines?

The frontalis muscles main function is to raise the eyebrows.  The muscles responsible for the frown and the lines around the eyes will pull the eyebrows downwards and inwards.  If only the frontalis muscle was relaxed, and the frown was left untreated, the eyebrow position would drop leading to a heavy, tired look which is not the result we are hoping to achieve.  To attain the most elegant results with a Botox forehead treatment, the forehead itself is rarely treated on its own. Instead, it is usually paired with a frown treatment or a brow lift.

In some cases your forehead might not be suitable for Botox. In this case, a filler injectable might be able to solve the issue. 

What are the risks or side effects following a Forehead treatment?

The risks and side effects are minimal and any risks are usually a poor aesthetic outcome.  This is due to the muscle being over treated or incorrectly targeted. If you are going to an experienced practitioner, they will work to minimise any poor cosmetic result.  Short term reactions include bruising, or headaches, which resolve within a few days.

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