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Is It Bad To Squeeze Your Spots?

What do we do when we have a spot, a white head or pustule on the skin?? Especially if we want to go out? Or see people – even if it’s over ZOOM?

We’ve all had one – they feel absolutely ginormous and are super painful to touch.

Well this is a perfectly timed video because I have a super painful spot right in the middle of my face.

So what are the options? Would you pick it? Squeeze it or cover it up with heavy makeup?

Typically when a spot is felt under the skins surface, threatening to erupt for days on end, the urge is to squeeze it.

And when do we normally stop squeezing? 

We usually stop when we see the blood.  

The idea if we squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, and get rid of all that rubbish and we get that bleed, it must mean that we have cleared up that infection

However we are never going to get rid of all of the infection until the skin has managed to push it all out on its own.

The problem is when you squeeze and squeeze it actually pushes that infection – all that bacteria and pus, deeper into the skin.  

So all we are really doing when you squeeze until you get that bleed is to create more swelling, more inflammation because we are bursting the lining of the pore, or worse – bursting the lining of the sebaceous gland.

Now the Sebaceous gland is trying to contain the bacteria – so when you squeeze the spot you spread this all over the face, which can travel down another open pore and this will ultimately create more spots.

This excessive squeezing, poking and scratching can result in trauma which can lead to scabbing, scarring and discolouration or pigmentation

Now I must admit I have done all of the above, and I’ve suffered all of the consequences – I’ve had increased swelling, increased inflammation, spread of the spot, marks on my skin, scarring which seems to last forever. 

 However there is a secret option I’ve not already mentioned..

Leave it alone!! Don’t touch it, don’t pick it, don’t squeeze it, don’t cake loads of makeup over it, which will prevent the skin from breathing.

As unsightly as a spot appears now, it is temporary, however, the scarring that occurs when the popping isn’t executed properly is a long term problem which is so much harder to treat.

Infecting spots and causing discolouration are two other unfortunate by-products of squeezing. The effects of discolouration can take a long time to fade, whilst infected skin will also be much more difficult to treat than a normal spot. 

So resist the urge to take matters into your own hands and pop pimples, no matter how tempting or how desperate you are.

Instead adopt a skin routine which will help to reduce the risk of them from appearing in the first place.   And if you do happen to have a big one creep up on you, seek professional treatment and they will soon fade, without leaving any marks, scarring or infection in their wake

Share this with your friends who would find this video useful, and I will see you all soon, thank you so much for tuning in.

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