Meet the Team

AVID Beauty

Asha Vadi

Beauty Therapist
I have always been passionate about looking after people’s health. Originally I set up from home, in...

AVID Healthcare

Trishul Vadi

Clinical Director - Lead Osteopath and Chiropractor
Since the age of 8 years old I knew I had to find a way to help...

Mike Chis

Spinal Therapist
Previous experience? I have worked as a sports instructor for a medical centre in the past, where...

Sarah Field

Massage Therapist
Previous experience? I studied and completed a course in body massage therapy. Why choose AVID? I first...

Ekta Chandolia

Massage Therapist
Originally growing up in Birmingham, I always had my heart set on medicine – knowing all the...

AVID Aesthetics

Komal Vadi

Clinical Director - Lead Dentist and Facial Aesthetic Expert
Having worked as a dentist since 2006, Komal has a wealth of experience and full knowledge of...

Dr Pratish Dholakia

Facial Aesthetic Practitioner
Dr Pratish Dholakia is an advanced aesthetic medicine practitioner, who specialises in bespoke treatments for clients whilst maintaining...

Clinic Assistants


Clinic Assistant
Previous experience? Once I completed my bachelor’s degree, I lived in Saint Lucia for one year where...


Clinic Assistant
Previous experience? I completed my GCSEs last year, and am currently studying towards my A-LEVELS in Sociology,...


Official Selfie Photo-bomber
Previous experience? My past working experience was as a manikin in Harrods window display. I also had...