Dental Fillings

Why would you need a filling?

The most common reason for a filling is tooth decay leading to a hole in the tooth. Fillings are an excellent and relatively non-invasive way to protect teeth. A filling restores strength, structure and appearance to the tooth, allowing you to bite, chew and smile with complete confidence.

A Natural Looking Solution

If you are looking to replace your black coloured fillings with a more healthier and natural-looking solution then we can help you. We utilise the latest materials and techniques to restore your teeth as conservatively and beautifully as possible.

Composite White Fillings

These are an excellent option for filling those holes, and have the advantage of being tooth-coloured, safe, and can be placed in a single appointment. We keep a large selection of different colours and translucencies in stock, making it possible to accurately match your filling to your natural tooth. Once the filling is applied, it is hardened, shaped and polished making it look completely natural and virtually invisible.

A Healthier and Safer Alternative to Black Coloured Amalgam Fillings

With increasing concerns about the stability of amalgam in black fillings, more and more people have been opting to remove their existing black metal fillings and choosing white, tooth coloured fillings instead.

Unlike black fillings which can be unstable when disturbed, white fillings are non-toxic, stable and safe. They don’t require any special after care and allow for a minimally invasive procedure , so more of your natural tooth can be preserved.