Oral Hygiene Care

Your oral hygiene appointments are an easy and non-invasive way to maintain great dental health. Here at AVID Dental our hygiene team is exceptionally gentle and we invite you to sit back and relax in calm and comfortable surroundings while your teeth are professionally cleaned. This treatment will leave you with a beautifully clean mouth and fresher breath. Your hygiene appointment is a great way to get a sparkling smile and it is also vital for healthy gums.

Why Are Regular Oral Hygiene Appointments So Important?

Even if you are meticulous when brushing and flossing, it is easy to miss out small areas, allowing plaque and tartar to build up on your teeth. Tartar is hardened plaque and contains bacteria that will infect your gums, causing gum disease. Although gum disease is incredibly common, the early symptoms are easily ignored. This condition can lead to bleeding gums, bad breath, wobbly teeth and even tooth loss and without prompt treatment, it can also affect your general health. By seeing us regularly, we can help ensure your gums are always healthy and if there are any signs of infection, we can provide appropriate treatment to help restore gum health. Your dental hygienist will also use special polishing equipment to remove any stains and plaque, providing you with a healthy, gleaming smile.

How Frequently Should I Have Oral Hygiene Appointments?

Most people will only need to see us every six months, so you can book an appointment at the same time as your regular dental care appointment. However, if you have any medical issues that increase your risk of developing gum disease, we may suggest you have this preventative treatment more often.

Our Fees

At AVID Clinic we strive to provide an outstanding patient experience which starts with easy to understand information supported by price transparency. Our honest and friendly approach make it easy for you to discuss your questions and allow you to make decisions that are good for your health and your bank balance.

Our fees are easy to understand and there are never any hidden surprises – what you see, is what you get.

AVID Dental is headed by Dr Komal Vadi (BDS).

We’ll always offer every patient a personalised price quote before we begin any treatment. We know that everyone’s health and wellbeing is different, so the prices below are a helpful guide.

Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation after which we can provide a personalised treatment programme.



New Patient Consultation including x-rays and full report


Re-care appointment including necessary x-rays



from £55


from £95

Crown or Inlay (per tooth)

from £395

Veneer (per tooth)

from £495

Bridge (per tooth)

from £395


from £495

Root canal therapy

from £195

Tooth removal

from £150

Professional Tooth whitening with Enlighten

from £495

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