IPL Laser Hair Removal

Ecolite Intense Pulse Light (IPL) uses advanced laser technology flashing out unwanted body or facial hairs in seconds. Destroys the hair at the root in a progressive way, long term hair reduction, safely, non-invasively, quickly, relatively without pain using a system far more advanced than laser and without any side effects. Long term hair reduction.


Treatment Area


Full Face

From £125 per session

Upper Lip

£35 per session

Chin / Jawline

£50 per session

Cheeks / Side of Face

£60 per session


£65 per session


£75 per session


£90 per session

Lower Back / Full Back

£70 / £110 per session

Half Arms / Full Arms

£90 / £135 per session

Bikini / Extended Bikini

£60 / £80 per session

Half Legs / Full Legs

£165 / £275 per session

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