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Spinal Therapy

Spinal Therapy is based on the principles of the evidence based research to ease your pain and suffering.

It aims to reduce pain, increase flexibility and mobility and get you back to health utilising a wide range of spinal health techniques. Spinal Therapists take a vitalistic view, come from a degree background in the health sciences.

Your Spinal Therapist will treat both the symptoms and the root cause of a condition with aim to alleviating symptoms and preventing recurrence whenever possible.

All the Spinal Therapists here at AVID Clinic treat the body as a whole and, as such, treatment for long-term and repetitive problems is particularly effective. Spinal Therapy encourages the skilled use of a variety of techniques and exercise advice to affect an improvement and to reduce symptoms.

Reassurance, explanation, time and psychological support go hand in hand with any physical intervention. A good practitioner will treat each patient on an individual basis. Each patient will be provided with a carefully considered treatment plan. Information about the type of treatment to be utilised, the cost, and the number of treatments likely to be needed will be given.

Treatable Conditions

Back Pain

Neck Pain


Sports Injury

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