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Official Selfie Photo-bomber

Previous experience?

My past working experience was as a manikin in Harrods window display. I also had a little stint in the original Bay Watch series, but I won’t bore you to death with it.

Why choose to work at AVID?

My experience of working at AVID Clinic has been positive. As the Official Selfie Photo-bomber there are constant selfies, people making comments, laughing, its all great! There’s never a dull moment here, and although I don’t say much, I love all the guests and the smile that my presence puts on their face is so satisfying.

Experience of working at AVID?

The reason I chose AVID Clinic was because I couldn’t resist the urge to WOW the people of West Wickham. Our vibe here gives me life and energy that I never had before.

What you like to do in your spare time?

I don’t get any spare time as I’m always here posing in the clinic window. If you’re ever passing, please give me a friendly wave.

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Trishul Vadi
Clinical Director - Lead Osteopath and Chiropractor
Asha Vadi
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Spinal Therapist
Sarah Field
Massage Therapist

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