Clinic Assistant

Previous experience?

Before joining the AVID Clinic team I never felt as though I would be able to progress or be truly happy with a job so I chose the AVID Clinic to be the place to change all of that.

Why choose to work at AVID?

The advert offering to join the team inspired me to step up and the moment I learnt my application was successful I got that funny butterfly feeling in my tummy that no other workplace had given me before!

Experience of working at AVID?

At AVID Clinic the guests (the word we use to describe our patients) are so friendly, welcoming, kindhearted and serving them makes my day every day. Our team are encouraged to progress and push to improve ourselves every day with the support of the lovely Asha, Trishul and Komal.

What you like about the team?

The team are a second family now, always willing to lend a helping hand and you cannot help but smile when around everyone and almost forget the outside world.

What you like to do in your spare time?

I am a newly found car fanatic, so if I am not at AVID clinic you will probably find me at a car meet.