Massage Therapist

Originally coming from a small town called Newbury (just outside of Reading) I have recently moved to the area to be with my long term girlfriend who I met whilst studying at University.

All my life I have been obsessed with sports predominantly football until the age of 18.  Within football I managed to compete for my local club, District and County which was a real honour. I gave up playing football once I joined Bournemouth University to further my studies I began competing in Weightlifting again managing to compete at a fairly high level competing at the national student competition 4 years and qualifying for the British U23 competition also. 

Upon leaving University my sporting taste changed again, I still train within a weightlifting capacity but no longer compete but I now enjoy running and cycling to ensure a more rounded healthier lifestyle.

Now to what got me here and doing what I love and what makes me feel I have purpose, being a massage therapist! 

My journey to becoming a massage therapist wasn’t always set in stone, I joined Bournemouth University in 2013 to do a degree in Sports Development and Coaching. However,  It was certain modules which focused on the body and its movement which fascinated me the most, sowing the seed to lead me where I am now. The combination of my fascination with the human body and turning up to most training sessions which my teammates in pain, hardly coping the next few days after, led me down the path of being a massage therapist as I thought surely there is a way to help people like this to restore the movement. Therefore, I completed my degree as it was too far to turn back, but then trained as a massage therapist after.

During my studies, training and time treating I have thought long and hard about the philosophy of why I do what I do, outlining it below;

“The human body is made to move, without movement we are not the best human we can be. it is the right of everyone to be able to move in the way nature intended without pain. Through massage I hope to be able to alleviate problems restoring natural pain free movement.”

So I hope that gives you a quick background on myself and I look forward to seeing you!