Komal Vadi

Clinical Director - Lead Dentist and Facial Aesthetic Expert

Having worked as a dentist since 2006, Komal has a wealth of experience and full knowledge of the facial structures. Combining her artistic creativity with her clinical skills, she has extremely successful outcomes for her patients using wrinkle relaxants, dermal fillers and skin boosters.

“I discovered my love and passion for aesthetics early on in my dental career. I feel like an artist when I’m treating patients. I combine my dental knowledge with my artistic flair and I love how I can transform someone’s face, and make such a huge impact to their self-confidence, it’s just incredible.

I love working with what you already have, getting the best out of your natural features. The ‘signature look’ I always strive for is natural, balanced and harmonious. People might comment on how good you look, or ask whether you’ve been on holiday rather than suspecting you may have had ‘something done.’”

Komal offers you a no obligation consultation to listen to what you are looking for and learn more about how these treatments can make a difference for you. Komal will take into account your needs, expectations, budget and timescale to offer expert, impartial advice on which procedures or products are appropriate. If suitable, Komal will provide you with a tailor made package to best meet your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to book in for a consultation, please call our front desk team on 020 8777 4343 or email us at: team@avidclinic.co.uk