Clinic Assistant

Previous experience?

I have worked in retail for the past 3 years and have recently graduated from university with a degree in Marketing and Management.

Why choose to work at AVID?

I decided I wanted to take on a new journey that allowed me to strengthen my capabilities. AVID Clinic was the perfect place to pursue a new opportunity as they were looking for an individual with a lot of drive and a can-do attitude which I believed matched my personality well. 

Experience of working at AVID?

So far I’ve had quite an exciting journey here at AVID Clinic where I am learning new things on a daily basis. The team have been very supportive in helping me settle in and certainly do not put you down but rather encourage you when making a mistake!

What you like about the team?

I truly enjoy the culture that is created by the team at the clinic, where there is always an optimistic and uplifting energy brought forward by everyone. I like that I can be myself and have a laugh as a team but still maintain professional standards.

What you like to do in your spare time?

I consider myself to be a creative person as I like to experiment with different materials and make new things. I am also a family-oriented person which means I spend a considerable amount of time with my family and close friends.