Clinic Assistant

Previous experience?

Once I completed my bachelor’s degree, I lived in Saint Lucia for one year where I worked within the
legal field as a legal assistant.

Why choose to work at AVID?

Recently moving to London, I longed for a change in environment, one that breeds positive vibes, inclusivity and most importantly, plays a major part in helping others and improving their lives. AVID Clinic provides for this and so much more!

Experience of working at AVID?

Thus far, AVID Clinic has been a breath of fresh air. The team is extremely welcoming, passionate and dedicated to their craft. The environment is filled with smiles and is very friendly and efficient.

What you like about the team?

The team is positively radiant, professional and supportive. I appreciate that the team seeks to bring out the best qualities in everyone.

What you like to do in your spare time?

I am a voracious reader who enjoys a good book. Fiction, romance and thriller novels take up the bulk of my spare time.