Rebecca Hooper

Spinal Therapist

Previous experience?
As a graduate sports therapist, I have had experience in a general therapy clinic providing patients with sports massage, aiding in their recovering back to competitive sport and their general everyday well-being. I graduated with a first-class honour in Sports therapy and I also have a Masters degree in Sports coaching.
Why choose to work at AVID?
Being a recent graduate, having the support of the whole team at AVID feels me with confidence in my abilities. The family atmosphere within the clinic is outstanding, nothing like I have experienced before; I don’t feel like a member of a fantastic team, I feel like a part of a beautiful family.
Experience of working at AVID?
I am excited about taking my skills and knowledge to the next level with the support of a brilliant team.
What you like about the team?
My favourite part about the team is that I can be myself, I feel comfortable and excited about helping people.
What you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I am a competitive gymnast and compete both nationally and internationally. I have taught gymnastics for 9 years and have taught young elite gymnasts who have also competed on the international stage.