Sarah Field

Massage Therapist

Previous experience?
I studied and completed a course in body massage therapy.

Why choose AVID?
I first came to AVID Clinic as a guest seeking professional help with my lower back pain. That’s where I met Trishul and the team, who worked their magic and gave me a new lease of life. This inspired me to pursue a career in massage therapy, so that I can help others to have a similar magical experience.

Experience of working at AVID?
AVID isn’t just a team, it’s a family. Working at AVID makes you look forward to waking up, coming into work and putting a smile on our guests’ faces. I’ve learnt a lot in my time here and feel supported by Trishul each and every day to push and better myself.

What you like about the team?
AVID is a place full of smiles, positivity and ambitious individuals striving to fulfil their potential.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy going to the cinema and theatres and getting lost in the moment, taking a break from reality and escaping into another world for a brief time. I also enjoy long walks and finding new places to go with my other half, including exploring all the hidden gems that London has to offer. I also love swimming, in fact, I enjoy it so much that you could call me the little mermaid!