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Tips Before Investing In Your Retinol Products

1/ Make sure the packaging is Opaque

Retinol is so delicate that it deactivates really quickly if the formula inside the bottle is exposed to light or excessive heat.  Watch out for clear bottles with no box, as the retinol has most likely been rendered inactive. Don’t leave your products to overheat in the car either, as again, the active component will deactivate when exposed to high temperatures.

2/ Make sure it is an airless container

This ensures that the product is active until the very last drop.  This can be slightly inconvenient because you can’t tell when it’s coming to the end, but the benefits of a great Retinol product outweighs this small inconvenience.

3/ Make sure it is from a reputable brand

Make sure you do your homework about the product and company.  Have they provided comprehensive studies? Has the product been tried and tested? Has there been sufficient research to back their product?

Be wary of buying a product over the internet, or a moisturiser someone has produced in a home laboratory. 

4/  Stick with it.You may experience some irritation of the skin and dryness initially, and your results will not be immediate.  This product does not give you instant gratification but make sure you do your research and find a product you have confidence with.  You will be committing to using it regularly for the rest of your life.

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