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The patients I care for tend to fall into two main categories.

The majority of patients I help are those who want to restore something they have lost.  They may look in the mirror, and be met with someone who doesn’t quite match up to the person they identify with or remember.  Sometimes our perceptions of ourselves are different.  

We know that age is just a number and we all know that as time goes on, we are going to age, but sometimes there is a disconnect in how we feel to how we actually look – or our perception of how we look

What I help my patients understand is what is making them feel different when they look at their face.  When I have raised this understanding they then get to choose the best way to solve this problem.

These patients are not changing the way they look, but are restoring or regianing something they feel they have lost

Consider celebrities like Jlo, who actually looks better now than she did 10-20 years ago.  This doesn’t just happen by accident, this is definitely by design.

As time goes on we see changes in our skin and everything underneath, including the bones, ligaments, muscles and fat.  Over time we see shrinkage, loss and redistribution of these structures which all will have an effect on what we see when we look in the mirror.

Whether it is helping dull and tired looking skin appear more vital and radiant; or restoring structure and support back in the face to provide a soft lifting effect.  These can all help to restore and maintain your look.  

Following restoration, I will then see patients for contouring and improving definition.  These treatments are great for those who want to improve on a feature – like their lip; cheek bone or augment features like their nose.  This contouring will result in a visible improvements and natural looking enhancements and definition.

The key is to maintain balance and harmony in the face, all the while treating the patient in a holistic manner and considering the face as a whole.  Over enhancing isolated features has resulted in fake looking results which has scared people who are seriously considering these treatments. 

The natural aesthetic when you still look like yourself is the ideal, and this is what we achieve with our patients.  Our motto is still you only better...

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