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Your Consultation

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That first impression, right or wrong, is difficult to reverse or undo.   It is human nature to judge people the first time we meet them. We do it whether we realise it or not. This is why first impressions are so important in every aspect of your life, whether it is career related or personal.  

Of course, the first thing that we notice about somebody is how they look, and it is the quickest trait we can evaluate.  As time goes on the signs of your age do change the perception of how people feel about you, how much attention you get and also has the potential of decreasing your opportunities.  It is often not the most welcome fact of life, however we all do it both consciously and unconsciously.  

We set up AVID Clinic to help both men and women enhance their first impression by boosting their self confidence and externalising their inner radiance.

Your face to face consultation:

Your initial consultation with us is the most important part of your journey.  We take the time to listen to your concerns, allowing us to understand, through your eyes, your perspective, and how we can help to strengthen your happiness.  This insight will provide us with the opportunity to offer you the most successful treatments, perfecting your desired results.

Upon Arrival

You will be greeted in our welcome area by our team of friendly clinic assistants and provided with a medical history form to complete. Your practitioner will be made aware that you are here and will be on their way to greet you.

The Consultation

Your Skin Consultation:

When visiting for a skin consultation your practitioner will conduct a thorough skin analysis.  In addition to talking to you about all your concerns  that you may have and what you are hoping to achieve, they will perform a detailed facial assessment so your proposed treatment is well documented. 

If at this stage you wish to proceed with a specific laser treatment that requires a patch test, we can arrange for this to be performed on the same day to prevent multiple trips.

Facial Aesthetics Assessment

Our practitioners listen to your story and what you are hoping to achieve.  We want to know all the things you love about yourself and the things which you wish were slightly different.  

At AVID Clinic our practitioners specialise in providing natural results which enhance the things you love whilst maintaining balance and harmony in the face.  

On assessing the face, we will need to see your face both at rest and in animation. Here we will also look at the relationship between your skin and everything underneath which has contributed to facial changes over the years.  Detailed and comprehensive high definition photographs will be taken to accurately document your proposal.  

Same Day Treatment

At the end of the consultation your practitioner will recommend the 

products that will offer the most successful treatment solutions for your concerns, and outline a comprehensive treatment plan and payment structure.  

Please note the consultation and examination will take up most of the time on the first visit to ensure your concerns are fully addressed.  If you are suitable for treatment and decide to go ahead, we can then arrange this next appointment for you. 

We passionately believe in being open and non-pushy in all aspects of our service, so we always give you time to absorb the information provided before committing to treatment.  

Because of the expertise of our clinical team, and the all-encompassing nature of the treatments we offer, we charge for consultations and the price will vary for different specialties.

Consultation Prices

Facial Aesthetic Consultation:  £25

Skin and Beauty Consultation: £25

Dental Consultation: £74

Osteopathy and Chiropractic Consultation: £66

If you have any questions or would like to book in for a consultation, please call our front desk team on 020 8777 4343 or email us at:

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